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Volunteers Needed


Are you interested in helping to protect your community?


Would you like to be part of a team steeped in over 175 years of tradition?


America has redefined the meaning of the word Hero. Heroes are no longer sports stars, or entertainment celebrities. They are those who were there all along; ready to assist those in need. People who are willing to sacrifice for a stranger while rising above oneself, and inspiring those around them. Helping others in the face of tragedy can give you a sense of purpose like nothing else in the human experience.


If you are a resident of the Borough of Beaver, or a surrounding community we encourage you to join us. Our experienced line officers will instruct you on the latest safety procedures and fire fighting techniques. It is a rare opportunity in that you get much more out of it, than you put into it.


Keep in mind that fire fighting isn’t for everyone, but volunteering can be. We need people behind the scenes. Men, women, young and old, all have something to contribute. Help is needed with light work around the station, lending a hand with our fund raisers, public relations and the researching and filing of government grants.


We are an extremely family oriented organization. Throughout the year we host different social events, picnics and the annual Kids Christmas Party.


We meet every Monday at 7:00 PM at our station, and challenge you to make a difference.


Nothing beats like the heart of a volunteer.


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