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Fire Prevention Tips for your home

Roughly 3,400 Americans die each year in fires.
Another 17,500 are injured.
You can stop the fire before it starts.
Be prepared for a fire:

Use these fact sheets to learn how to prevent a fire in your home and know what to do if you have a fire.

One of the best ways to protect yourself and your family is to have a working smoke alarm that can sound fast for both a fire that has flames, and a smoky fire that has fumes without flames. It is called a "Dual Sensor Smoke Alarm." A smoke alarm greatly reduces your chances of dying in a fire.

Know your local emergency numbers. In most areas the number is 911.


  • Practice finding your way out of the house with your eyes closed, crawling or staying low to the ground, and feeling your way out of the house.

  • Never open doors that are hot.

  • Teach your family to stop, drop to the ground, and roll if their clothes catch fire.

  • Decide on a meeting place outside your home and check to see if anyone is missing. Everyone must get out and stay out of the house or apartment.

  • Remember to escape first, and then call the fire department.

  • Make sure everyone in your family knows at least two ways to escape from each room in the house or apartment.

  • Help children and senior citizens to escape from a fire.

  • NEVER go back into a fire once you have escaped.

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